Tutti Frutti

Whenever I go to Lipa, I usually overindulge in savory meals with unlimited rice in restaurants near my workplace. It's really an economical way to fill my tummy and satisfy my cravings, but I usually end up feeling guilty after eating so much and, most of the time, I look for healthy stuff to make myself feel better after my pig-out sessions.

Eating some salad and fruits always work to ease my guilt after demolishing plate after plate of meaty meals, but what can be a better way to wash down all the fatty food I eat than a nice tub of yogurt with healthy toppings? Yogurt's just awesome. It's one of those food stuff I can't resist, and it's so good, it's hard to believe it's healthier than ice cream!

Obviously, there are plenty of yogurt shops. However, for health and financial reasons, I usually go to Tutti Frutti in Robinsons to grab a cheap but delicious serving of yogurt with lots of fruit toppings. Actually, there are plenty of Tutti Frutti stores in Manila, but what makes this branch stand out among the rest is their yogurt promos.

The store once offered this deal, called 'toppings all you can promo'. For a price of P 99.00, you'd already get four swirls of yogurt and as much quantity of toppings you want! Wow! That's a really one heck of a deal!

Too bad, they ended the promo already last month and replaced it with another offer that's not as good a value as the other one. Right now, they are selling four-ounce cups of yogurt for P 70.00. That's just probably a couple of swirls of yogurt and a maximum of two toppings.

This is how a 70-pesos cup looks like with just the assorted jellies and some almond slices - it looks so sad.

Gee, I miss their toppings all you can promo already. I hope they bring it back soon. Here are some pics of the yogurt cups I had when I availed of their 99-peso promo.

At first try, I messed up a little with the decorating. The first yogurt I designed looked like a cup of rainbow. Haha!

Here's  a version with cashew nuts, almond slices, assorted jellies, and candy-coated chocolates.

The next one I had was a blueberry-con-strawberry creation with some sliced almonds and cashew. It was heavenly!

I do recommend the shop to everyone. It's a pretty bright and relaxed place, and the yogurt here was simply delicious.

I just love everything about this place, except maybe for some flies hovering around the place at times. Haha!

I must warn you though that at night, they easily run out of toppings as many people are coming in, so better head to the store during the afternoon. Have a happy cup of yogurt!

Tutti Frutti
1st Level Robinsons Place Lipa 
Lipa City, Batangas


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