“Some people travel the world in their quest to discover new flavors and tastes. I thought I would too but, living in Manila, I think I would not need to at all.”
About the Foodie
My name is Brian. I am just an ordinary guy who cannot afford to travel the world just to try out the vast multitude of cuisines offered by different nations.However, I am a lucky one at that because I live in Manila - a melting pot of cultures and races - where every imaginable culinary style in the globe can be found.
I work as an English coach. I teach students how to effectively speak and write in English. However, apart from this,  I am also a food addict. I eat a lot and I enjoy trying out new things and experimenting with flavors. Yet, I’ve never really thought that this passion would transcend into something as big as this.
Never have I thought that I would be doing the two things that I’m really passionate about - writing and eating - and broadcasting this new endeavor to my friends and the entire world.
Please join me in this journey and let us explore the various eating places in Manila and discover the finest restaurants in the city.


Anonymous said...

i love ur blog... thanks for the write ups... thumbs up!

Flavors of Manila said...

Thank you so much! I am glad you liked my posts. =)

Anonymous said...

Hi... you look cute... :D

Flavors of Manila said...

Thank you =)

Rich Bautista said...

Hoyeah! You finally made a food blog! :D

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