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A-Z Flavors of Manila is an alphabetized guide to dining in Metro-Manila. Every once in a while (which, by the way, is not going to be often), this blog is going to be updated to feature one or two restaurants, beginning with a letter in the English Alphabet. I will start with A and hopefully complete this gastronomic journey towards eating in at least 26 restaurants until I finally reach letter Z.
More than being a food blog, this is also going to be a personal journal to document all of my experiences while dining in some of the most popular and not-so-popular restaurants in Metro-Manila. Although subjectivity and bias cannot be ultimately avoided in doing food reviews, I will try to be as transparent as possible and just base the reviews I will post here on my personal dining experience and, of course, my hopefully discriminating taste and flair for food.
Why Metro-Manila?
From food stalls to street food, from fast food chains to fancy restaurants, Metro-Manila offers a vast array of meals to choose from for a price that will suit every pocket.This is precisely the reason why I want to explore Metro-Manila and experience the diversity of cuisines this city has to offer.
Do join me in my journey towards completing this mission. A to Z, here we go! Kain tayo! (Let’s Eat!)


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