Nami Private Villas

Nami Private Villas Resort is one of my favorite places in the entire country. For more than a year, I have always thought that this place is best kept secret. But, it's, after all, Valentine's Day, so I thought I'd share it to those who'd like to have a sweet and special date around the island. It's located in Diniwid Beach -  a location that's far from the noisy crowd of Boracay's Stations and just opposite the semi-private beaches of Shang-ri La Boracay.

View from the Hotel Restaurant

Other than the luxurious air inside the hotel, what makes this place more special is the food they serve coupled with the breathtaking view of the beach from atop the hill where Nami is situated.

Nami Breakfast Buffet (free for some guests)

They serve the best breakfast meals in the island and their breakfast buffet for guests is equally heavenly. If you happen to stay here, don't miss the breakfast in the morning. They serve the most wonderfully-made dishes and there are plenty of food to choose from - all of which are extremely delicious.

Who wouldn't want this kind of meal for breakfast? Awesome!

Palm Corned Beef Breakfast Meal 

My favorite breakfast meal in Nami is their Palm corned beef meal with garlic rice and scrambled eggs. I know, I'm a bit cheap at times, but this one's a goodie!

Bread Pan with Mixed Cheese Dip (Complimentary)

For lunch, they usually serve this small plate of bread pan with a mixed cheese dip that's super delicious. I've tried asking their hotel staff what the mixed cheese is made up of, but they didn't tell me what the secret recipe is! I can't get enough of their mixed cheese dip! I've tried replicating it for more than one year now to no avail.

Zen Salad

Also, try their Zen Salad if you're fed up with the usual Caesar salad. It has a bit of a twist and it's wonderfully refreshing.

Honey Bourbon Chicken (P 300.00)
This, I guess, is one of the most reasonably priced lunch meals in the restaurant because other specialties can cost around P 450 and up. This is served with roasted eggplants and some turmeric cream. It was good, but I still prefer their classic Nami Salpicao (P 450.00) over this one. But, I have to admit: this one's so pretty to look at, you wouldn't even want to ruin the arrangement!

Breaded Dijon Pork Chop (P 300.00)
Their Pork Chop comes with a dash of Dijon mustard, some mixed vegetables, and a serving of potato wedges. This is a good choice for those on a tight budget and it's really tasty as well. I think they don't serve anything substandard in this hotel. They have a flair for exquisite flavors and an eye for high-class garnishing.

I don't think I'd be back to this place anytime soon (and I doubt if I'd be back even), but it's a pretty special place, and when people ask me where I think is the best place to have a date in, I always have this resort in mind (although, in most cases, I don't tell them about this place at all. Haha!). Give it a go, and I'm sure you wont' be disappointed.

Nami Resorts
(36) 288 6753 to 56
Diniwid Beach, Boracay Island
Malay, Aklan, Philippines


suzette said...

ito pala un! This is it!!! When me and my two male cousins decided to stroll at the end of the Bora island, (that was on summer of 2010),we were thinking on how to get at this place,( we thought they are private houses and it's a private property), so we managed to sit on the sand and look at them with amazement. My cousin even joked that we could own one of the villas hehe! It's relieving to know that the costs of the foods are reasonable. This is exciting, i would recommend this to my friends and loved ones. Thank you Sir Brian, this is not a top secret of yours anymore hahah! Anyway, i am sure there are still a lot of dating places out there waiting to be discovered.

suzette said...

wish i could go back here, i just don't know when.. the place had become a memory to me, i just don't know why.. ^_^

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