Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thai Bistro

I love Christmas parties! I don't always win the raffles but many of my friends do, and I benefit from their winnings too!

For instance, just a week ago, an old friend of mine, after winning multiple cash prizes from their company Christmas party, invited me to have lunch in this restaurant. And, since it's free, I happily accepted the offer. Nothing beats free food, right?

Anyway, Thai Bistro is located at the garden area of the new Robinsons Magnolia mall. 

It's a pretty decent restaurant and, since it's new, it looks really bright and clean.

Too bad, some parts of the restaurant were closed when we went in, so there isn't much to see aside from some Thai accents, like this wall ornament. 

But, since they have folded napkins (which, to me, creates an upscale, fine dining atmosphere), I really liked the place. Haha! I'm such a social climber, I know. 

Choo Chee Roti (P 195.00)

We had some Buttered Roti for appetizer. Their version came with a nice and yummy curry dip but, to be honest, I didn't like the bread. It's a bit sweet and it had a flaky consistency. 

Kaffir Garlic Rice (P 180.00)

For the main course, we chose a rice dish that's not too overpowering since I opted to order some spicy and heavy dishes. The Kaffir Garlic Rice was the perfect choice, indeed. It's light and simple with just the right hint of kaffir and garlic.

Green Chicken Curry (P 325.00)
The curry was exceptional as well. The flavors were intense and the chicken was tender. The vegetables also looked appetizing but I don't like eating eggplants, so I left those out. 

Sala Daeng (P 268.00)

Experimenting a little with complicated dishes, we had the Sala Daeng next. These lemongrass florets with chicken meat inside might be a bit embarrassing to eat, especially when there are other people around, because it's hard to figure out how to open them up. Thankfully, Chef Cecille (the owner and chef) went to our table and showed us how to slice these open. 

It's a bit difficult to take out the meat inside but it's worth the effort. The chicken stuffing had this very intense lemongrass flavor that's perfectly complemented by the sweet chili sauce it came with. It's scrumptious! Definitely one of my favorites! We literally wiped out this entire dish save the lemongrass florets.

Takhoo Thai (P 180.00)

There aren't much dessert options that piqued our interest so we just tried their Takhoo Thai (warm tapioca pearls topped with creamy coconut custard). I didn't like this dish much, but my friend demolished the entire serving with gusto. It does have a creamy and rich consistency because of the coconut custard and had just the right sweetness, but I guess it's a hate-or-love kind of dessert.  

Overall, I liked this restaurant a lot. I hope their dishes were a bit cheaper though or the serving sizes were bigger, but I could not be too nitpicky. I absolutely loved the service here, the chef's friendly, and the Sala Daeng is worth going back to. 

Ambiance - 4/5
Food - 4/5
Service - 5/5
Value - 4/5
TOTAL - 4.25/5

Thai Bistro 
(02) 703 6910 (0917) 838 1696 (0923) 1003530
Ground Level, Unit 187, Robinsons Magnolia Town Center
Aurora Boulevard cor. Hemady St., Quezon City

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