Hainanese Delights

Hainanese Delights is a newly-opened restaurant in Robinsons Lipa, which, as suggested by their name, is serving the famous Hainanese Chicken or Chicken Rice fast-food style. I was lured to eat at this restaurant because Hainanese Chicken is a dish that's not easy to find anywhere in the Philippines. I was actually intrigued at their attempt to popularize this dish in their fast food.
Anyway, while inside, I honestly did not know how to categorize this place. It's a semi-posh fast food house and it's really weird because I've never seen any restaurant like this. To prove that it's "semi-posh", above is a picture of a pair of oriental lamps hanging above the counter.
 The tables are also clean and the chairs were very nice and white.

The place is very simple and straightforward, exuding a minimalist design paradigm.

I didn't actually believe I'm in a fast-food. The ambiance is a lot better than North Park, I should say.

I also like the uniform of their staff. It's black and hot pink - a shocking color combination.Haha!

I've tried eating here twice and here are some of the meals I've tried:

Hainanese Delights (P 120.00)
The Hainanese Delights, a version of the Chicken Rice or Hainanese Chicken, is their shop's specialty dish. It comes with flavored rice, which is unlimited. It was a tasty treat but I would not really say that it's authentic. The chicken was very tender and well-cooked and the good thing is it's not greasy at all. It was satisfactory, but other Chinese restaurants would serve a better version of this chicken.
However, for a cheap price of 120 pesos and unlimited flavored rice at that, it's a good value. I found it hard to consume this serving of chicken with just one cup of rice and had around four cups served! It's really worth the price.
Don't even try the soup though. It takes like saltwater.

Chicken Heaven (P 120.00)
I also tried their other chicken dish, called Chicken Heaven. I think this one's barbecued or roasted. It was okay, but it's almost close to being raw. This one's a better deal to those who want something that's more salty. It also comes with free soup and unlimited rice.

I was just a little frustrated with their sauces as they were too ordinary for my taste. I wanted a stronger ginger sauce and a spicier chili sauce. Nonetheless, I can't complain, for I understand that they've made their dishes as cheap as they can. I like the cute condiment containers anyway.
I'd still recommend this place not because of the authenticity of their dishes, but for the value of the food.

Hainanese Delights 
1st Level Robinsons Place Lipa
Lipa City, Batangas 


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