Kuya's Lumpia

I don't eat Fresh Lumpia. I find it unappetizing. However, this store has changed me! They serve probably the most palatable meatless Lumpia in town.

The box might not look very attractive and it has this Jollibee-ish fused with Mang Inasal feel, but the fresh spring roll inside is absolutely fantastic. It's different from other Lumpia dishes and it definitely is a stand-out!

The vegetables here might look sad but the flavor was actually really good. Indeed, looks can be deceiving. I'm not a food expert and I can't determine what vegetables and spices they have incorporated into this Lumpia but I have to say that they absolutely mastered the recipe - this was perfect! 

The vegetables are crunchy, there's this crispy nut-like stuff inside and some other ingredients that make this Lumpia unique. Thanks to Kuya, I've learned how to eat Fresh Lumpia. My only qualm about this is that the sauce can be overpowering sometimes as it can be too salty but, if mixed properly, it would taste just right for the stuffing. 

Kuya's Lumpia
2nd Level, Foodcourt
Robinsons Place Lipa 


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